NEW NCP Image loaded, main page has odd look



Using dedicated power source. using USB storage

Looks like this… Any ideas on how to fix?

And, just as a heads-up… This is in Firefox. In Vivaldi, all looks normal.

you 've got your answer… This is in Firefox. In Vivaldi, all looks normal.

Firefox is just doinf weird things … switch to opera or chrome

Meh, Chrome (The end result of what the evil guggly does to Chromium). Thank you, though. I’ll use Chromium over Chrome any day of the week.

Opera… possibly.

Anything not run by the microflop, guggly or applesauce is a plus.

Why the issue in Firefox? What in Firefox comes out with that result?

Chrome uses the WebKit rendering engine. Firefox uses the Gecko engine. Both interpret and display type slightly differently.


Firefox is a mature browser. NC looks just fine here

Mature, immature, nice, ugly … this is actually not the question. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge …

You pick the one who do the job as you espect, with the apps supports you need and/or hardware support who fites your need.

For exemples, i have secure all my logins with a NEO yubikey, witch works absolutly fine with Chrome, mostly fine with Opera, not at all with edge and acte weird with firefox …

NC supports firefox and works fine in firefox, seems like we are trying to deviate the conversation here I won’t try to argue which one is better by itself

Nacho, HI!

All is working well, now, and regardless of browser.

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weirddd xD