New login required after every start on Mac High Sierra 10.13.6

starting with 1.1.2022 the client version 3.4.1 requires a klick on a browser window “Connect to your account” every time I log in ont my computer. (On one nextcloud I have to enter username/password, on the other it is enough to confirm on the browser.)
Then it works until the next time. I did not change anything on the operating sytem.
Any suggestions?

Hi @roneu

Maybe you should… :wink: High Sierra is unsupported for more than a year now. Last security upgrade was in November 2020. Also the Nextcloud download page says that you need at least macOS 10.12 to run the latest version of the Nextcloud desktop client. I guess you could downgrade the client to an older version, but I would rather recommend to upgrade your OS to a version that is still supported.

Sorry, somehow the “1” went away, High Sierra is 10.13 so the prerequisites are met.
My problem is that I have some virtual machines running on this computer and I am not sure, if they work on a newer version, it took me already 2 days when I migrated to 10.13…

Ah sorry, my bad. Somehow I had 10.11 sticking in my head.

However, that does not change the fact, that High Sierra is unsupported for more than a year now and I’m not sure if the developers test the client on unsupported macOS versions and if it’s really intended to work on High Sierra. But you could open an issue on GitHub, if none exists yet. This will probably only lead to them adjusting the system requirements on the website :wink: But that’s just a feeling i have, and I could be wrong about it…

ok, yes, I think I might get used to the fact that I will have to update soon…