New Linux Mint Snap Install of Nextcloud - Could use some help with exteral access

Hi folks,

I have Nextcloud installed through SNAP, running on a machine with Linux Mint. After a few searches for external access and internal “Trusted” access, I found my self going in circles and haven’t found any information that will help. I have access to a domain name, and I understand port forwarding. My public IP is dynamic, so I think I need to use a DDNS service? If that’s the case, my router offers a built-in option for that, and maybe I can use it?

I’m wondering how I can get this setup to be accessed externally?

This article might be of use, there are many how to’s on ddns.
You have to create an account with a ddns provider and get a (free) subdomain.
You set up router with that account subdomain and credentials. The service will auto update the external IP in the A record of your subdomain.
You can then forward your own domain to the ddns subdomain, if you want to.

I don’t currently need ddns, but still have an account with which worked for me when I did have a changing IP.