New installation wrong dataformat and week start and with öäü

i have a new installation of Nextcloud.

as user i need to setup to start the calenderweek with moday
in calender view - weekly view - i wish to have the date like Fr. 18.08.2023
and in calender view - all views - i wish to have a 24h time not with AM / PM

Also adding address with a import it is having problem with the ö ä ü in the Name or Address

where to set this configurataion?

have a nice day

Screenshot 2023-08-20 211101

You can change your language in your personal settings.

thanks for your feedback
i have swiss german - and it say the week start on monday but the calender is not changing

I also had a similar situation. I am learning more.

Screenshot 2023-08-20 212204

English / UK → OK

to change it to Germany helped yes - but feels still wrong