New installation worked and then.. no login possible

Hi !

Today i made a new installtion on a clean Ubuntu 22.04 system, everything worked and after a while i got this instead of the page from nextcloud:

    Das Setzen der Spracheeinstellung auf en_US.UTF-8/fr_FR.UTF-8/es_ES.UTF-8/de_DE.UTF-8/ru_RU.UTF-8/pt_BR.UTF-8/it_IT.UTF-8/ja_JP.UTF-8/zh_CN.UTF-8 ist fehlgeschlagen.

    Bitte installiere eine dieser Sprachen auf deinem System und starte den Webserver neu.

What have changed meanwhile on my system… i really have no idea…
I checked and this is only with firefox browser…

Ciao Gerd

I don’t know why all this languages but try:

sudo locale-gen en_US.UTF-8
sudo locale-gen fr_FR.UTF-8
sudo locale-gen es_ES.UTF-8
sudo locale-gen de_DE.UTF-8
sudo locale-gen ru_RU.UTF-8
sudo locale-gen pt_BR.UTF-8
sudo locale-gen it_IT.UTF-8
sudo locale-gen ja_JP.UTF-8
sudo locale-gen zh_CN.UTF-8

sudo update-locale

and restart the webserver. This depends on your installation, app and config. You should have an Idea why this languages are requested.