New installation on Hostiso going great guns but I'm stuck on mail. Where have I gone wrong?

I have set up a domain, mail server and a NC 18 installation on a shared server at Hostiso for a very small company in France, (TPE), and it looks pretty good. First time with NC and it’s been pretty smooth.

All but one of the users goes through their current mail interface, (GMail, Thunderbird, EMClient), and that’s fine but for the one that wants to read their mail in NC, I am stuck. Is there an email app that does the basic stuff as most people now expect? (Drag n drop, replies saved in same folder as original mail, easy folder organisation etc. etc.). I’ve tried the featured Mail app but it’s virtually unusable, (can’t move mail to a different folder), I’ve tried RainLoop but it seems not to be maintained… Is there a secret email club where everyone hangs out and gets their mail and I just haven’t been invited? Feels like it. What am I missing?

i never tried afterlogic myself… but maybe it was worth a try?

besides that i’m lost for other answers. je regrette :frowning:

I had a quick look and it seems pretty much identical to RainLoop, although better maintained. Worth a try I guess.

Still wondering what everyone else does for their email…

Go with

The afterlogic app is a connector to an already existing installation of their webmail interface. It is not a full intergrated webmail like mail or rainloop for NC.
I had a chat with afterlogic quite some time ago about extending their mail integration to a proper webmail solution but they do not have much interest in this.

So for now, user rainloop and perhaps in the future the NC team realizes that the mail app is just xxxx and take over the ownership of Rainloop which is just awesome but no active development.

i just found that out by today. ummm… a bit like not really neccessary… even more so if

this is true.

so to answer your question from above:

no secret mailclub, you’re not missing out anything. :man_shrugging:

RainLoop it is then. Fooling around I realised it can be setup pretty much the way I want it but coming from a service like FastMail it feels like stepping back in time. Especially the threading.

Yes Rainloop has lots of potential, but sadly not really actively developed.

The nextcloud team should have take rainloop under its umbrella instead of the mail app.

Looking at the Mail roadmap, creation of folders, drag and drop, threading - it’s all there. Just a question of when. In the meantime…

I cross my fingers :smiley: someone can just hope