New install on Ionos (1&1) using existing mySQL db and web installer

i have Ionos server and trying to install Nextcloud using web installer to use mySQL database.

In Ionos their mySQL databases are detached not localhost and dont allow it to create new database using the setup-nextcloud.php file.

How can I use a mySQL database setup to install nextcloud using existing database?

Can anyone help?

I think normally you can set an ip-address or dns-name for the external (not localhost) database. If not the installer download the nextcloud version in a temporary folder with timestamp:
$nextcloud_tmp_dir = 'tmp-nextcloud'.time();
Perhaps you can change something (default value or code) after download but before executing. You can use a webbased file manager.

Have you tested with another application that the webspace can contact the external database?

Please post screenshots and logs. Thanks.

I did set the correct database address and details not local host. The problem is that the web installer only seems to work if it creates a new database. Ionos security rules only allow you to create one in control panel.

What I would like to know if there is a way to connect an already existing database using web installer?

Create database first.

I have literally said that I have created database twice, that is what “existing database” means. I’ll rephrase the question in simpler terms.

-I have a database already created
-I uploaded web installer and installed NextCloud on server
-I opened the config webpage but it doesn’t give option to use existing database and fails if I put existing MySQL database detail in
-ionos (my host) doesn’t allow creation if databases anywhere except in control panel so I can’t create a new one using the web installer

Question - how to I install nextcloud using web installer for use with a pre-existing MySQL database?

in the phpconfigfile of your nc instance is a parameter called “installe => true” set it to false and load the webadress of your nc again. The installer is starting with the initilaization process.

Please note that you can’t use an admin account that is existing in you database. So if the user admin exists you mustn’t init. nc with admin again. F. exmpl. use admin2 or something.

otherwise you can config your database credantials also in your phpconfigfile.

File is btw located in /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php, if you installed your nextcloud as recomended.