New install (11.0.3 VirtualBox VM): System root disk goes ro and missing inodes

The VM gets messed up once a day, for several days now. The lv-nextcloud-root partition gets remounted as “ro” and the system does not work, nor even can not be shut down cleanly. When I fix the issue with a ResqueCD it fixes some missing/invalid inodes and it is OK again for one day.

Other than that, I am very impressed with the product!

Any ideas?

Seems to work better on a separate PC with less other workload. The server that I was first trying it has 66G RAM, Xeon CPU and lots of workload. I saw some “timeout accessing disk” error on Nextcloud console just before it wend bad, and decided to try an another PC.

Let’s see if it is OK still tomorrow.

I’m glad that you like it. Since it was 22 days ago I assume the problem is gone.

This is most probably a workload issue as you mentioned.

Yes, the server was IO wise busy. I installed a Samsung 850 Pro SSD into it and placed all the VM:s there, now it runs smoothly.

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