New IMAP directories don't appear in Nextcloud Mail


I’m using NextCloud 20.0.2 with Mail 1.7.1, connected to a MailCow instance via IMAP.
The other clients to this Mail account are a Thunderbird and K9Mail.

When I add a new subdirectory (say INBOX/foo), it appears in all mail clients except NextCloud Mail.
I know I can refresh folder contents with r, but I haven’t found a way to refresh the folder list.

Deleting and setting up the mail account again in NextCloud Mail works, but is tedious, and I don’t want to do this for every new folder.

Huh. I just updated to Mail 1.7.2, and the issue fixed itself (the folder INBOX/foo appeared).

I don’t know if an update of the Mail App just triggered a folder refresh, or if the new version just automatically refreshes more often.

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Technical insight: we cache the list of mailboxes for 2h. If you create a mailbox with our Mail app we show it directly. If it’s created with another client then it takes some time to catch up.

There is no manual trigger for it. But maybe we could have a Refresh mailbox list action or something similar. You can open a feature request if you like

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