New Folder Creation results in 403 error - does not sync

I have Nextcloud setup with 2 folders sync’d to the cloud with my Windows 10 PC:

  1. Company wide folder, not owned by me.
  2. My personal folder, owned by me with some child folders shared to others.

When the first sync runs, it runs fine. No issues.

When I add new files to existing folder structure, the files sync to the cloud.

When new files/folders are added to the Company dir, they also sync down to my PC.

ISSUE: 403 Forbidden error when adding new, child folders to my sync’d parent folder.


  1. Create sync relationship with Parent folder.
  2. Run sync.
  3. Add new, child folder to Parent folder (already sync’d).
  4. Check logs - Server Replied '“403 Forbidden” to “Move https://…”

The only way I’ve been able to “workaround” this issue is to remove all sync relationships. Create the folders I want. Then, setup the sync relationships, again.

Obviously, this workaround is not much of a workaround–defeats the purpose of a sync tool and kills shares.

Anyone else run into this issue and have a resolution?

Started seeing the same in 18.0.2, upgrade to 18.0.3 did not help.