New files in Dropbox not synced to Nextcloud

Nextcloud version: 11.0.1
Operating system and version: Raspbian
nginx version: 1.6.2
PHP version: 7.0.14-2
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I’ve included imported my Dropbox into my Nextcloud. The initial sync with Dropbox has worked just fine.
However if a new file is added to any of my dropbox folders it is not being synced to the corresponding Nextcloud folder.

Do I have to turn on synchronization first?


I don’t know if my solution will be relevant, because your description is not very precise, but nextcloud sees only the files he created, by webdav or web interface. For the example, I have a seedbox daemon (transmission), who writes new files in my nextcloud account (/data/me/files/download for example). If I do nothing, nextcloud never sees the new files, but I can see them in FTP. So, I created a cron job */20 * * * * php /var/www/nextcloud/occ files:scan --path="/me/files/download/" > /dev/null wich scan every 20 minutes new files and update the content of this folder. So the content is refreshed every 20 minutes…

I’m sorry my description wasn’t very precise.
I meant that I’ve included my Dropbox account into Nextcloud using the external storage feature as for example described here.

Initially all my Dropbox files are transferred into my Nextcloud as expected. But after that the dropbox folder in my Nextcloud is never synchronized with my Dropbox again.


I have the same issue. Nextcloud 11.0.0, PHP 5.6.

Once Dropbox is added as an external Storage, the files which get updated in Dropbox (directly via Dropbox App or Dropbox website), do not get synced in Nextcloud. How can we activate that Nextcloud is searching for changes in Dropbox and then sync the files to Nextcloud?

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same here… Nextcloud 11.0.1, PHP 7

Direct changes to Dropbox are not syncronized in Nextcloud. I thought the Dropbox folder is only linked into NC but it seems to be copied … ??


I’m noticing the same issue, Nextcloud 11.0.2. Is there a solution to this yet?


Same here…
NC 11.0.2
PHP 7.0.16
Mysql 5.5.54
The files get synced after some time (~12h?), but it would be nice to know, when/how often the files get synced by nextcloud.

Same here …

NC 11.0.2 (stable)
Version: 7.0.15
Type: mysql
Version: 10.0.29

Does anybody have solution for this? I also have the same issue for Google Drive by the way.

Well, Dropbox support will have to be reimplemented soon because the old API will be shut down. Here is the bugreport on this:

afaik dropbox cancelled oauth1 by june or such. so at least i couldnt reconnect when i moved to a new nc-version.
so even if you do have a connection to dropbox it could happen that decreasing support of oauth1 by dropbox causes problems.

regarding google: did you connect by oauth 1 or 2?

I recommend to use the following app

It’s not in the app-store yet so you have to install it manually