New features request for Hub5 power by AI

It looks fabulous from the nextcloud launched video 4days ago.

  1. Images: could upload the image and search similar or exactly

  2. Talk: Communication over different organizations, similar to matrix decentering chat server, orginzation could invite another person from another organization by /, file shared in the chat own by initial user or organization.
    If this features came, most organization or small group could stay away of WhatsApp
    Or something else. For those not be able to deploy their nextcloud server, we provide a free server for registration so that would not put many user away.

  3. Talk: Call recording text should be put a name detected by speaker when the person is speaker.

  4. Mail: email signature, email automation for these improvement would be a big challenge at those point are email marketing things.

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It’s a bit difficult to channel all the ideas from users to end up in some structured way since the developers won’t search the forum for ideas. If you think there are good features missing, I’d check the bug tracker for that specific app (can be found via and put the feature request there (if it isn’t already put there by someone else, then it’s the best to use reactions to support the feature).

E.g. for mail signature: Signature · Issue #7748 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub

going through the topics, you’ll see a bit what is planned, where difficulties are, perhaps some points where you can help, … unfortunately there are more people suggesting new features than actually implementing them.