New feature requested

Hello, I would like to set nextcloud client on my desktop to keep all the local files or remote files instead of asking me for each file. There should be a policy to be specified that affects all files nextcloud uses. Also, since I use files that change very fast several times a minute, there will be nice to have a policy that files are to be uploaded or downloaded from server if not changed within a certain time, to avoid vain uploads/downloads.

Hi @johnbajer

It sounds to me like you don’t need a sync client for these files, but rather something like a backup software that transfers these files to the Nextcloud at certain times. I think it will be difficult to find a “one fits them all” solution. And you will most likely have to separate the normal work data and the files that change very quickly. The easiest way would be to exclude these files / folders from the sync in the client and use another tool to transfer them automatically to Nextcloud. Nextcloud uses WebDAV. You can use any backup tool that supports WebDAV as a storage backend.

Hope that helps for know… You could of course open a feature request on GitHub if you have a clear idea of how this feature should be implemented in the client…

If I get you right you talk about conflicting files and the dialog to resolve conflicts? I was under impression there is a setting but I don’t find it the new client…

There is a lengthy discussion about conflict handling… referring to github issues and user manual. At least from the docs managing conflicts is unchanged from 2.6 to 3.2 of desktop client

despite this 3.1 announcement claims “new conflict handling”

the user has to resolve the conflict manually… but there is an option to upload conflicting copy as well


But rather asking to “auto-resolve” conflicts by force update server storage with local files maybe it’s worth investigating why conflicts happen? in my installation I can’t remember any conflicts after I initial file upload completed and all the files settled…

Hello, I need to have an option on Nextcloud GUI to enable o disable OWNCLOUD_UPLOAD_CONFLICT_FILES=1 or OWNCLOUD_UPLOAD_CONFLICT_FILES=0 I cannot find how to change it manually though.

this is an option of the client located in your application data folder.

still impossible for me to find it :frowning: