New desktop client update protocol

I think the behaviour new update procedure of desktop client is not good; I would even go that far and say that it is rude.

  1. The options for the update are timing are gone. The only way to postpone update now is to close the window…
  2. Automatic restart of the system without further notice. The update window warns about it, but no one reads the window. If the upate shows just after the boot, and PC is fast, it is less of an issue. But if it takes some time, user migth have already started to tinker around and loose whatever he is doing.

I understand the need of updates, and some people are refusing to do it. But it can still be done in a polite way, while keeping inexperianced users in mind. The prevous approach was fine.

I think, we all know (or may even be) people complaining about annoyance of Windows updates. Let’s not be like that…

An issue on the topic at Github: