New Debian server: how to integrate old OC RAID data on same machine

I had OMV running on an SSD on my server with the OC7 plugin. Data was all on a RAID array in the same box. Due to some problems with the setup and the old OC version, I abandoned trying to get it working correctly and installed a clean Debian Jessie server on the system SSD (sda) on the same machine.

The RAID array with the OC7 data is still intact (identified as md127) and can be mounted.

How best to install NC10 on the server and integrate the RAID data please without destroying it in trying?

You set up a RAID in your OS. Nextcloud only uses the folder and doesn’t know anything about the RAID. Regarding Nextcloud, you can either try to restore the OC 7 session (if you still have the database and the config.php), then upgrade to OC 9.0 (7.0->8.0->8.1->8.2->9.0) and finally to NC 9.

Or you start a new session, create the users, place their content in their folder (/path/to/data-directory/username/files/*) and run sudo -u www-data php /path/to/owncloud/occ files:scan --all.

More detailed questions about restoring RAIDs and stuff, better ask the debian community. To prevent data loss -> backup!

Thanks a lot for the reply. Since I’ve just a had a pretty horrible upgrade experience at home on Kubuntu 15.10 > Kubuntu 16.04, I think I’d rather just go with a completely new session.

I can mount the RAID, which was my previous OC data directory, and it looks completely intact. The data on it is all backed up offsite.