New contacts are not shown on shared contacts owner

Nextcloud version:
Operating system and version: Linux 5.4.0-97-generic x86_64

I have a Contact group, created and owned by admin. I shared this group with all_users and activated editing of this group.

When adding a new Contact to this shared group by a normal user, this is only shown to the user added the contact, not to all_users and also not to the owner (admin).

My expectation is, that new users added by to the shared group are visible to all users the goup ist shared with.

Is there a solution to have global contacts which can be used and maintained by all users?


I assume that there is a kind of misunderstanding of contact groups/categories. In general contacts are stored in an address book (see settings in the lower left corner of the contacts app). Only these address books can be shared with other users.

Next contacts can be “categorized” in groups by adding one or multiple tags, like e.g. “Private”, “Company”, etc. These groups are shown in the left pane of the contact app and can be used for all contacts, independently in which address books they are stored.

So make sure, that you’ve created/stored the contact in the correct address book if you want to get it shared with other users.

Thanks for the answer. Is there a possibility to have global contacts, manageable by a group of users?

An address book always need to be owned by someone. This person can decide with whom the address book should be shared (person or group) and if editing is allowed or not.