New Contact Will Not Being Distributed

Nextcloud 22.2.0
Contacts 4.0.3

I have created a new contact via web browser interface of NC. But this contact will not being distributed onto my iPhone (recent iOS) not onto my MacBook (recent macOS). Astonishingly, however, the other way arround it works: A contact newly created on iPhone was within seconds available in the web browser interface.

What could cause this misbehaviour, and how can I fix it?

Go to your contact app and swipe down while you are in the list. After a few seconds the entry should be there. Sometimes it takes some minutes and entries are there without swiping down.

Why it is working the other way around:
Your iPhone is a client app and whenever you create a contact, the app can immediatly push the change to the server.

This, already, I did almost a hundred times, I guess. And, as well, on my MacBook I have triggered again and again to synchronize the contacts with the server. Nothing happens. I think, something is stuck on the server.

Please try another carddav client to if your server is the cause or your phone settings.
On my setup (NC v22.2.0 and iOS v15.1 on many devices it works well and reliable).

And here is the solution:

I had created the new contact in NC’s web interface by clicking on the top left button “new contact”. Then I’ve entered firest and last name into the field right next to the picture field. At last I’ve entered the telephone number. This contact has not being synchronized with clients.

Now, I have edited this contact by click on add new property > detailed name and have entered there first and last name.

Almost in the same moment the contact has being appeared on the clients.

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