New Client 3.2.1 only for Windows 10?

the desktop client 3.1.3 ist running on Server 2019, but 3.2.1 can not be installed on Windows 2019 Server!

There is a dedicated topic on the bugtracker for Windows Server OS:

i have an identical problem but with windows 8.1 32 bits. Why doesn’t it install? Moreover, it enters an eternal loop. He tells me there is a new version but then refuses to install it until I reply “to skip this version”. However I do not understand why to exclude Windows lower than Windows 10. Especially if 32 bit.

Because it is ancient?
Win8 is not supported by Microsoft for 3.5 years and 32-bit even Win10 is not offered anymore…
Nextcloud the company has enough problems with current supported platforms.
It’s one of their good decisions to abandon the dinosaurs…

For Win8.1 (32/64) Microsoft’s extended support will end on January 10, 2023.

I don’t understand why release the 32-bit version for Windows 10 then. Contrary to what you tell me it is published in [Releases · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub] (Releases · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub)

It was the software that informed me that there was a new version. But then it doesn’t install by going into an eternal loop.

I confess that I expected a less archaic answer (dinosaurs?)

In fact I will say more. Often the success of certain software is precisely the fact that for a long time they support platforms that are still very widespread, as well as dated.

But I would like to understand if there is a technical reason.

Not for free.

Me neither. Should be dumped…

Life is nothing but a chain of disappointments…

Often? No… Sometimes? Maybe…

Thank you Henry for the pseudo-philosophical digressions. Now I hope someone a little more knowledgeable and competent will answer me. Thank you.

Right now the operating system Windows 8.1 is in what is known as extended support. Extended support offers security updates and bug fixes (free, free free)

Hi, please read this issue and comment Required CLDAPI.DLL at Windows 8.1 · Issue #3202 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub