New app - workflow_kitinerary - Push your travel tickets directly to calendar


I started working on an application to integrate kitinerary-extractor, from KDE itinerary project, with the workflow system of Nextcloud.
Nextcloud Mail already has a kitinerary integration, but I usually get my train tickets from web pages, not through email.

With this application, you can setup a workflow which when adding a file to given folder, will analyze it with kitinerary and inserts any events generated to a calendar.

Then, if you sync your calendar with your phone and install the KDE itinerary application, you can see you tickets in the application (That is also possible on desktop, event if the application UI is not yet good on desktop).
But even if you do not use this application you may want to add your travels to your calendar.

Find the first beta here: Automated kitinerary parsing - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

It should work with most train and plane tickets, even things like hotel reservation if you happen to have them in files.

Please report bug/ideas on GitHub - MCMic/workflow_kitinerary

The application was first developped on 24, but since I now use the latest nextcloud-vue Iā€™m not sure it will work on 24 still, should work better with 25.
If anyone tries it on 24 please tell me if it does not work I will remove 24 from supported versions.

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First stable version is out.

It should work correctly on both 24 and 25, I downgraded nextcloud-vue to version 6 to support 24.

There is now both a notification and an activity event when importing a ticket.