New App Propagation

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick question, how long does it take a newly posted app to propagate to all the NC App Manager?

I’ve built an app, posted it on the app store.

But it seems like its not available yet on the systems I’ve tried, existing NC Install and new NC AIO install.


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I would expect it to be a question of mere minutes. In my app, I can immediately navigate to the instance and start the update. However the automatic scan for updates might take a few hours: The upstream server is not questioned every 5 min if an app was updated. This seems logical to do that in bigger time frames.

Are you sure, the app satisfies the requirements you impose (server version, PHP Version etc)?

Morning @christianlupus

The requirements are pretty broad i think, so that should not really be an issue.

And I think all the files are in place correctly also, since the app store is reading the info.xml file.

So, I don’t know why its taking this long, Its been a few days now. Maybe it needs to be approved first, because its the first time I’ve posted an app?


The app is created in general (the appstore shows the app). However in the appstore, there are no releases. With another app you find below the description the list of downloads. With your app, you have no downloads.

How did you publish the app release? Via REST or via Web interface? Was there any error message? Eventually, there was an issue with the signature?

I uploaded the app manually, using the “Upload app release” option in the app store. I filled in the download link url and the signature section.

After pressing submit I got a green message saying that the app release was uploaded successfully.

Afterwards the app showed up on the app store, with all the information in the info.xml, properly displayed.

So that would mean the signature was correct and the download link worked. Since the app store pulled the info.xml file from the download link.

Yes, I need to automate this process, just haven’t been able to figure out the github action yet.

Maybe you try reuploading the release again. It should be present below the description as a release version. You might want to open the browser dev tools before you do this in order to catch any REST errors triggered.

If this is not helping, you might need support by an admin. I am out of ideas, sorry.

it seems you’ve published an alpha version, that might be why it’s not visible


In fact the alpha releases are just hidden: Releases - Exchange EWS Connector (Exchange Web Services) - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

Thank you @marcelklehr and @christianlupus

That is probably the issue. Looks like the app store is reading the tag and deciding its unstable.

Confirmed! The app store or manager is reading the tag. I changed the repository source on one of my systems to “Beta” and my app showed up!


For reference Release process — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation

Morning @SysKeeper

Thank you for the reference. I did read it, in the past and again now. It mostly talks about the update cycle, and doesn’t state that “the app store will automatically put your app in a different channel depending on the suffix.” that was the part that had me confused.


Well it says:

The updater channel defines if pre-releases are installed by the server. This setting can be found in the admin setting or in the config/config.php file. The server will install pre-releases if its update channel is set beta , daily , or git . For all other settings, pre-releases will not be installed.