New App for Android + (possible iOS)

Hello :slight_smile:
I just developed a new android app for the amazing nextcloud’s passwords app (no tracking + no ads).
However, this app is in early beta status and needs further work and feedback for more features.
I used flutter as framework, which provides the possibility to publish the app in the app store for IOS devices (future plans).

Here you find the gitlab project and the play store entry here.
Please comment if you have some remarks :slight_smile: .

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New apps are always a cool addition.

If you feel confident in your app, check out this info to have your app listed in the passwords app & readme.

I can’t help you with iOS, but in this thread some users might be.

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This app is now published in the play store.
You find it here.
Feel free to add issus on gitlab :slight_smile:

Just to add here: the app is really, really good! I would argue that it deserves a move “visible” version number than 0.9.10 because it is stable and I use it daily, with all its shiny features:

  • Full support of folders, moving passwords around, creating new folders & passwords
  • Support for password icons, being loaded from the server and displayed
  • Theming color picked from the Nextcloud instance
  • Autofill :heart_eyes:

Keep up the good work, @joleaf - and maybe @mdw one day you want to make this the “official” app? :slight_smile:

thank you, @simonspa :slight_smile:

@mwd did you tested this app, too? What is your opinion? :slight_smile: