New and fresh installation

Hello all,
I need to install the latest available version of Nextcloud on new versions of Linux, OpenSSL and PHP.

Linux: 7.2 or above
OpenSSL: latest version
php: 8 or 8.4

Question: Does the latest version of Nextcloud compatible with the above latest versions?

Any links or detailed docs will be much appreciated.

What linux distribution and version do you use?

Read requirements Nextcloud 28.

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Red Hat Linux and version shall be either 8 or 8.4

Red Hat Linux 8 seems to be ok because of my link.
Please use the PHP version from your distribution and do not install from another source.

The version with Red Hat Linux installed should be ok. Look requirements in my link. But PHP 8.4 is it not.

Well since RedHat is moving more and more of their documentation behind a pay / subscription wall, we won’t be able to google things like that for you. :wink: if you need community support it’s probably better to use a free distribution like Debian, or if you need an option for enterprise support, maybe Ubuntu LTS, because these distributions are much more widespread in the community.

And no, you shouldn’t use PHP 8.4 just yet, because it’s still in devlopemnt and is expected to be released in November this year. The recommended PHP version for Nextcloud is still 8.2, while 8.3 is the lastest stable release, which will probably become the recommended version for Nextcloud 29, once Ubuntu 24.04 is released.

Please read the link, @devnull provided. The docs also provide an example installation for CentOS 8, but you probably can’t just copy&paste and call it a day. Maybe you could also take a look at Nextcloud-AIO, which will take care of these things (and more) for you.

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