Netxcloudpi & Collabora CODE - Working?

Hello there…

I am pretty new to all this Linux world but better late than never. I own a Qnap where I was able to manage the installation. NCpi is running fine, has SSL and all this. Damn great!
The only thing that is not working right now is the Collabora-Server. Everytime I am able to manage to download it and activate it the whole NC gets unbelievable slow and it takes minute sto just load the dashboard.
Is there something I have to de before I can enable an app like this? Are there some additional ports needed that are enabled? Would be very glad if someone can hint me into the right direction.

@hartworx welcome to the userforums of nextcloud. Thanks for your first partcipation on here.

Sadly enough that’s the way it is right now. Nothing you could do about it with the Collabora built-in CODE Server other than setting one up yourself with docker or on a different machine. (The forum might know how to doing that)

happy NC’ing though

thanks a lot for helping me out in this case. If this is the way it is then I have to check how to install anothe rcontainer with a code server and get this running. I am also wondering why the ncp is not able to send mails but I have the feeling that this is an error on my end. hopefully I will get sorted it out to have everything on one box here.

if you won’t succeed solving it yourself (maybe by the searchfunction of the forum) feel free to open another thread here :wink: