Network Drive on windows 10

I have nextcloud 20 on ubuntu 20.
I looking for network sharing on windows 10. i used following doc:
I can share as network driv on ubuntu desktop without any issue.
But windows it’s not working:
i used:
net use Z: /user:youruser yourpassword

error system error 67

This is the Nextcloud software support forum and not a Windows support forum. Due to the fact that your problem is related to a Windows OS related issue, which has nothing to do with Nextcloud, I would recommend to ask big G. for help on this issue:

@j-ed. I know what this is for. There is a documentation from nextcloud, and it’s nor working.
No body says you need to answer this question.
And for your info. search in cloud support, you can see some user has the same problem.

Maybe you could try this?


do you see it yourself? i have highlighted the important differences.

if you discovered a similar question why don’t you link to it, at first place?

afaik in THIS forum here there are some threads about linking webdav to windows. and (of course) failing in it, most of the cases… In earlier versions of NC there was a direct way built in - I don’t remember the correct path… (forum still knows it). but it was kind of picky and didn’t work quite well (and slow).

Most of the guys here from the forum liked the 3rd party software (freemium) - forum knows about that one as well.

So the question is: why didn’t you search the forum first before asking?