Needed: Wiki entry with list of maintainers

This type of list is extremely useful when trying to find the right people to review a PR or to ask as question on IRC:

  1. Should we create the missing Github labels?
  2. Are there sections which should be removed?
  3. After the 1st version is published, there will be a few empty spots and people who feel they know an area well should add their name there

@jan @jospoortvliet @frank @MorrisJobke

Mention Bot does find the right people to review a PR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … I dont think that we really need that, because of the teams which can be mentioned @nextcloud/files … Maybe we need more teams :thinking:

Not sure if it makes sense to just dump in the labels.
People need to know that the label is in their responsibility.

So yes, we should work towards this.

I will add mine as soon as I find the time.

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I started the list now:

Feel free to modify as needed.


@nickvergessen you need a MAINTAINERS file in the repo anyways if you want to use the LGTM plugin :slight_smile:

We are already using it with the nextcloud/maintainers group as fallback, I think :grin:

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