Need to purge and reinstall user_ldap

Somehow i fuck up ldap config and now i cant login as long as the user_ldap app is enable.

I get the blue message, something went wrong look in logs.
Logs tell me that it cant find uid= something something, yes i get it.
Somewhere in the base dn setting i did something wrong.

So how do i purge bundle app and reinstall it ?
I tried occ app:disable user_ldap and app:remove user_ldap without progress.

Yes iam hungry and yes i will grab that snickers.

Well, in my drunk mind i was smart enough to make a backup of the hole directory and database.

Did remove user_ldap from apps folder.
Copy user_ldap to apps folder from backup and had to make a sql restore.
Conclusion make sure even if you are drunk to make backup. Dir och SQL.