Need to ignore integrity check

I’ve done a manual installation of nextcloud 10.0.0 and my script/ansible playbook deletes the core/skeleton/Documents and core/skeleton/Photos folders, this is by design because I don’t want these to be created with each new user. Logically I now get the Integrity check errors and it says:

- core
		- core/skeleton/Documents/About.odt
		- core/skeleton/Documents/About.txt
		- core/skeleton/Photos/Coast.jpg
		- core/skeleton/Photos/Hummingbird.jpg
		- core/skeleton/Photos/Nut.jpg

Is there a way I can get it to ignore the fact that these files don’t exist?

Can’t you simply change the skeleton source in config.php (and not delete the files)?

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Yeah that is the recommanded way:

Well I guess that’s obvious now you say it !! Thank you

i think there is an option for additional files and entry’s in files needed anyway.
for example if i have no other choice to configure things on webspace.
like there