Need to change the NextCloudPi WebUI URL Links

I am using NextCloudPi v1.16.0; but the version doesn’t really matter for my question.

I manually changed the HTTPS Port from 443 to 8443 and it works great both internally and externally. However when I am in the WebUI (which by default is Port 4443) and I click on the URL link in the upper right corner “Launch NextCloud”, the URL link is looking for Port 443 instead of the newly changed port 8443?

Let’s say I also changed the Port of the WebUI from 4443 to 1000. Again both internal and external access works great. However same question as above when I am logged in to NextCloudPi as a user account, via a web browser, the URL link in the upper left corner “NextCloudPi” is looking for Port 4443? Any way to modify the URL link to update to the newly changed port 1000?