Need some assistance with embedded urls or external sites when accessing from a mobile phone

Have a deployment of Nextcloud 17.0.3 and I’ve run into a workflow limitation that I can’t resolve.

The desired outcome is for links to be made available to users in the field via their mobile phones. I first attempted using the Link Editor app. Installed the app, created a folder to contain the links, added a test link as a .URL format, and shared the link to a group. :

The link opens just fine when on a desktop, but if I attempt to open it from inside the app on iPhone, I get the following:

So I scratched that plan decided to try the External Sites application instead. Again, worked fantastic from the desktop, but I can’t find where in the mobile app the sites are accessible from. If a user uses the mobile browser to access their Nextcloud account the sites are accessible, but that defeats the point of having the app and adds a layer of complexity to the workflow.

Does anyone have any idea how to either:
a) resolve the mobile app issue with Links Editor
b) make the external sites visible in the mobile app
c) create a workflow whereby links can be shared to users via the mobile app that doesn’t use one of those two methods?