Need pointers for new linux home server build

Could use a point in the right direction.

Currently have a RaspberryPi 3b+ running ncPi and integrated with my NAS via NFS.

Have built plenty of windows machines, but never a linux box. Framiliar with Ubuntu and dual boot it along side Windows on my laptop, but would say I am still a linux noob. I can read and figure things out, though.

Looking to consolidate everything into 1 machine, minimizing power consumption if possible.

Would like box to run:
+NC (4-5 users, home use)
+Plex (any FOSS alternatives??)
+Playmaker (
+security cams
+24TB (12TB raid1) (4x 6TB drives)
+Solid state running OS & software

Would I be able to also create a Turn server on it for NC talk?

Is this even doable? Can I run all this at once on the same box?

Reading material/build/install suggestions would be much appreciated!

I’d check out the recommendations regarding own-built NAS systems like this one for hardware requirements:

You probably can put everything on the same machine. I’d think about spinning up a few virtual machines inside the server to separate the services a bit. There is a security point of view but it comes with other advantages, system backups are quite easy, you can do snapshots, migrate a setup to a different machine, you can better address different needs of your software (special configuration, different versions of packages) without risking that other services to fail. if you go for Debian/Ubuntu systems, proxmox could be interesting for that purpose.

For raspberry pi, there are also images to use it as a media center, you could use the big server just as storage. You only need to activate it when you want to use it.