Need help with vue tiptap (markdown editor) and webkit

Hi there!

I have some trouble with the vue component tiptap combined with the engine webkit in some browsers.

If I put the component in the main content div, everything is working great, but in the form for new rows I put it in a modal (the official vue component from NC), then users with a webkit engine are not able to click inside the editor.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install the app tables from the app store
  2. Create any new table inside the app
  3. create a column with the type “longtext”
  4. click on the “+” symbol to add a new row
  5. a modal pops up with the form to input data, there is a markdown editor like you know it from the official text app
  6. On browser that use webkit like safari and every browser on Apple IOS it is not possible to click inside the textarea to write into it… :frowning:

Do somebody have any idea about that?

Issue for that on github: Tiptap Editor mobile not useable · Issue #26 · datenangebot/tables · GitHub

Help would be really great!


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You can also ask the nextcloud dev irc room or

There might be a dev Talk chat in there as well.

Hello @flost ,

nice to see you over here at the forums.

Will give your app a try as it is on my todo list.

I already did that, no answer