Need help with my Nextcloud Installation

Hello everyone,

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i have a problem with my nextcloud installation.
To my Nextcloud infrastructure:

I have an wirtal Server on that the Nextcloud is installed. At my home i have an Raspberry Pi with an 4TB external storage. On my server is also running an OpenVPN Server an with my Pi i connect to my virtual server. on my Pi i have an Samba Server running that shares the nextcloud data folder. My virtual Server integrate the public shared data folder from my Pi and my nextcloud is configured to use the shared data folder. If i’m going to my webpage, there comes the message “Internal Server Error”. I can’t recognize the problem from the logs. Maybe you can say more. Here you have a link tho the server log:

There are a few hints that you data-folder is not valid. Did you move anything on your Nextcloud setup? And for the internal server error, please check your webserver error-log, it should give you more details.