Need Help to retrieve email address and members of groups from FreeIPA

I am using on NC 23.0.2 on FreeBSD and run FreeIPA 4.9.6 on Fedora.
Despite I am able to integrate to FreeIP for user accounts for credential, but i realized I cannot obtain the following:

  1. “mail” attribute
  2. members of FreeIPA groups. (*Able to access and create same group from FreeIPA group but no member inside.)

I have use “ldapsearch” command within same NC server and confirmed able to query and obtain these missing contents, this implies there is no firewall block.
It is only on NC’s “LDAP/AD Integration”, the information returned is limited.
Limited information means some information such as id, name and password of users are available and correct.
I followed publication and YouTube, where advice to use “uid” for mapping but the above 2 elements still not showing up.

I am so near to success.
Sincerely appreciate your helping hands to give me a lift to there.