Need help reversing or re-installing v28.0.1 update

Due to my Firefox browser not being up to date to version 119 my Nextcloud v28.0.1 update installation got interrupted and I think even corrupted. How do I manually re-install the Nextcloud v28.0.1 update so it overwrites the failed update that got interrupted? I hope it can be done without starting from scratch.

Additionally, is it possible to reverse to Nextcloud v27.1.5 so I can go back to a version that was stable and working without any errors appearing in the Error Log.

It depends a bit, where your updater stopped. If you have access to the command line (ssh), it is better to run the updates there, because the php there is not limited in time and memory. What you can do:

  • in your data-folder, there is the updater folder .../data/updater-507effec80781, there is a .step file or something like that, with that we can figure out where it stopped: updater/lib/UpdateCommand.php at 4d660d83db17a6cc6ce8c28f4ce38fa19932d054 · nextcloud/updater · GitHub
  • check your config/config.php file, if the version there is still 27.1.5, the new code has perhaps been downloaded but the database has not been upgraded yet. So you can revert easily to the previous version by putting the old code files in place. If there is already version 28, you can only revert by using the backup you have done before updating.

On top of that, it depends now, what kind of error you have. Is it the maintenance mode, just a server error? The logfiles might help for more details. Can you access via shell/terminal or just interact with web-interface. Some more details about your environment would be helpful (e.g. php version, log files).