Need help choosing

Hi all,im running a file server for myself and a few off my family members and im trying to Decide in the best way of installing nextcloud

We will be syncing a lot of big files 700mb- 9GB

Im having trouble deciding if i should use a docker image setup or setup Apache php and mysql.

I have no knowledge of containers

I have can handle the mysql im just not sure about the Apache and php setup.

The server is a quad core ryzen 3 8GB ddr4 system running kubuntu.

A server does not need a GUI like KDE. The GUI can not help you. Also please only use LTS versions for servers e.g. 20.04 LTS and then 22.04 LTS, … and not 21.04, 21.10, 22.10, …

If you want to increase knowledge of containers it is an option.
if not it is no option. The important thing is that you understand your system.

In the first step i would install only a test system with test data or copies of data.
Then you can test the different options.


On most decent distros, apache/php/mysql happen almost automatically. I do NOT recommend docker or any other kind of bloat, since ultimately, it is just additional complexity that doesn’t help you get where you’re going.

My distro of choice is Rocky Linux 8, which is a downstream of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, but without the required subscription cost in much the same way as CentOS used to be.

I forgot to mention that i am using a lts version of kubuntu, The gui just gives me a leg up whilst setting everything up, as i have access to a web browser to speed up troubleshooting.

Ive had a test system up most of the day the apache and php setups went smoothly and i was able to get a working next cloud set up working.

Ill rope in a few of my friends to help me load test the system and ill get back to you all

depending on your goal I disagree wit the statement. Docker has it’s own issues but if you want and follow the learn curve it gives you huge advantages like portability between different hardware`s, simple upgrade/restore. The biggest advantage for me is the ability to have multiple instances for testing and production - which is harder to implement with bare metal install.

I think Kubuntu only LTS (20.04 LTS → 22.04 LTS → …) is fine.
I think i would not use Docker, snap, …
I would use Nextcloud direct with Apache2 or Nginx and MariaDB.

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So do your testing on your overcomplicated and slow testing rig. As for backup/restore/portability, nonsense. Adding a heap of unnecessary dependencies reverses the portability argument. Backup and restore still need to be conducted correctly (database and filesystem, not some monolithic blob).

@Larry_Boyd your bashing against docker is wrong. It is true the system behaves different than “bare metal”.

depending on the previous experience one might prefer virtual machines or containers (Docker/Kubernetes/…) but all virtualization methods add flexibility how one can use existing hardware and simplify migration between different servers and makes it far easier to create/restore a complex system like Nextcloud in reproducible way.

I’m running Nextcloud in Docker, with tested backup/restore, performed 3 major upgrades, migrated twice between two different x86 NAS boxes and real Debian installation - for me the all this task where pretty easy with Docker - but this might be wrong for other users…

Fact is virtualization layer is not the same as bare metal and may add or remove complexity - depending on the task and existing know-how of he admin.