Need help after decrypt files nextcloud 18.0.2

Hello team,
i know there are some threads about this topic “decryption” but I have some questions that were not answered.
I’ve decrypted all my nextcloud files with the command “occ encryption: decrypt - all”. That took some time and after that, all files are decrypted.
I take a look in the folder structure and have seen that in every userfolder are any subfolders:

  • cache
  • files
  • files_encryption
  • files_trashbin

I found in the subfolder “files_encryption/keys” the complete structure which also is in the subfolder “files” but with the difference, that the “files” (12345.jpg) are folders (content: 12345.jpg / 12345.jpg.decrypted.12345).

I’ve deleted all folders “files_encryption” in each user-directory but after that, I can’t access to older files which are created before the decryption.
The folder “files_encryption” has in my case a size of 680MB (one of any user-directories).

Here my questions:

  • Is there a way to delete all folders “files_encryption” so that I have unrestricted access to alle files?
  • Why is it not possible to simply decrypt all files and delete the encrypted files after successful decryption?

Kind regards