Need help accessing the database


I’m hoping that someone can help me, I’ve been able to do some maintenance with the OCC commands, but I have (mistakenly imported a calendar from google…) an error with the calendar name - Class / Webinar / Seminar (YES I know that was a terrible idea… silly slashes).

Now I can not get the calendar to work… any other imported calendar, has issues as the app stalls trying to do the Class / Webinar… calendar update. CAN anyone point me towards HOW to get to the cli for the database. I have some experience with DBs but not sure how to get to the cli in nextcloud. Running latest version (22.xx) in docker.

Thanks for any help

Do you have a backup? You could try to delete all current calendar stuff and restore manually the old one… Or you restore the complete NC setup from backup if that is easier and you only did little changes.

I do have backups, but I thought that was a little drastic for wanting to delete one item from the DB. I’m not opposed to trying that though.

It depends a bit, if you think to easily identify the new problematic entries in the database, then you can try this as well. There is no CLI for the database provided by nextcloud, you just have to access the database directly yourself.

Ok… thank you @tflidd