Need Guidance: Setting up Nextcloud on Zimaboard with 500GB SSD

Hello everyone,

I’m seeking assistance in setting up Nextcloud on my Zimaboard equipped with a 500GB SSD. I currently have CasaOS installed. I intend to use Nextcloud to access my files remotely, akin to Google Drive. My internet service provider is Free.

I have a few queries regarding the installation process:

1. Should I install Apache2 for Nextcloud to function properly on my setup? 2. Which installation option is recommended - Nextcloud Classic or AIO (All-In-One)?

My primary goal is to have seamless access to Nextcloud from external locations. Any insights or guidance on this setup, particularly concerning compatibility with Free as my ISP, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

First consult CasaOS documentation since they develop both the OS and the Zimaboard. They’ll have the most relevant info for you. Home | CasaOS Wiki