Need Freelancer help, some errors / issues + continous support


I have ran my own nextcloud on service providers machine for some years but I have few issues and quite many errors in log entries. Basic services work fine daily with few users but ocasionally have some issues that needs to be solved and could need help on those.

I would like to hire freelancer, first to do initial check / review on the system and then doing some fixes.

Requirements for freeleancer:

  • very good nextcloud knowledge, technical, problem solving
  • good english skills
  • good db knowledge
  • good linux knowledge
  • good crypto knowledge

Contact me preferably via email ww (at) and provide some cv(ish) info + some instant messaging contact info with TZ when to contact. At EET TZ myself but others will do also fine.

If I find skillfull person to help, will have more work, possible monthly.