Need an ncp installation do-over

I’m just getting started with linux and brand new to docker & ncp. I had a running ncp container on a fresh Raspbian Buster install on Rpi 4 2GB. I had completed the install to the point I could reach ncp through my ddns address. Things went south sometime after the “let’s encrypt” step. At one point, I could see the sample files from the install. Now I can’t login to the console ID nor the user GUI. After entering the ID and password for the console, I simply get the username and password prompts again. On the GUI interface, I get the “Wrong username or password.” message. I tried the “Forgot password?” dialog but never received an email.

I don’t know how to troubleshoot this nor do I know how to remove and reinstall ncp. I tried removing the docker container and pulling it again but that seamed to make no difference.

Since I’m using Docker, do I have access to the installation and repository directories?

Is there a non-Docker NCP installation that’s not bundled with an OS image?

Any help would be greatly appreciated because my next step is going to be re-image the SD card with a fresh copy of the OS.

There is the curl installer

Thanks OliverV. It looks like this will work for Debian Stretch but doesn’t say it will work with Buster. I think I’ll grab another SD card and give the install a try anyway. Nothing to loose but time.

The other way around: NCP moved to Buster recently, so only Buster is supported by the curl installer presently.

I guess the curl doc had not been updated to state Buster was supported. At any rate, curl worked, sort of. It has password issues as well; passwords provided during the initial setup don’t work. Fortunately, sudo ncp-config works in the curl install and I could get to the correct passwords. In the docker install, I got an error; sudo: ncp-config: command not found. I’m assuming the error is due to the container implementation but that’s just a guess. Thanks again for the help. My first instance is up and running!!

In case someone else has this issue, I have discovered the source of my original login failure in my docker version of NextCloud. Using the command docker exec -it ncp-config allowed me to get into the NextCloudPi configuration tool and I could get to the correct passwords. When I changed the default password, the web interface allowed me to include a “$” in the password which is not allowed. The NextCloudPi configuration tool showed a $ in the current password even though the login dialog rejected the password with the $. I changed the password through the NextCloudPi configuration tool and was able to log in to my docker version of NextCloud. SO, I was able to get NextCloud working with the docker install as well as the curl install. Now I have to pick which one to use moving forward.