Need advice regarding logging, server setup and security and a sonos speaker using nextcloud server for media


so I apologize firstly for the noob questions and secondly if this is the wrong place to ask .

I have some questions relating to a Nextcloudplus setup I have be running on a Odroid HC1 for the past few months , I’m relatively new to running any sort of server especially one open to the internet.
My current setup is with the data directory being on the hard drive and everything else on the SD card, now the Nextcloud logs are located on the hard drive and with the server open to the internet on ports 80 and 443 I obviously will have people try and port sniff or try and gain access to the server .
This results in nextcloud logging the event and obviously spinning up the hard drive with entries such as.

Warning core Trusted domain error. “” tried to access using “” as host. 2018-05-06T08:15:58+0100
Warning core Trusted domain error. “” tried to access using “” as host. 2018-05-06T04:33:30+0100
Warning core Trusted domain error. “” tried to access using “” as host. 2018-05-06T04:25:22+0100

This can happen several times a day but otherwise the drive is only spun up once a day maybe by myself accessing the server.

My first question is will this impact the lifespan of the hard drive being spun up a several times daily really for simple logging would it be better to have nextcloud logging to the SD Card ?

My second question is regarding security as I’ve said I have never had anything open to the internet before and obviously haven’t had anyone try and access my data , the logging did surprise me that quite a few attempts are made daily to gain access . Apart from keeping the server updated with the Nextcloud instance updated , Nextcloudplus update and the packages updated and off course the obvious things like fail2ban and UFW enabled is there anything else I should be doing to keep my personal cloud secure.

and finally this is probably not the right place to ask this but has anyone had any experience in getting a sonos speaker to play the music stored on a nextcloud server .

You don’t need to worry about random kids scanning IPs for vulnerabilitiies. Nextcloud and NCP are pretty secure, and that is normal to see this for anyone hosting an internet facing service.

In the future, we will ban direct IP access to further improve this situation.

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Hi nacho ,

I suspected that this was completely normal but I needed someone much more experienced than myself to confirm as such .
Now all I need to solve is if its possible to connect a Sonos speaker to my server.

Thanks for alll your hard work Nacho .