Need a little help pls

Hi I am new to this and need a LOT of help. I installed nextcloud from my unraid server with Mariadb. I need help with a few things:

1- how do i install the additional features as I unchecked it at the initial setup
2- how can i upgrade to nextcloud hub21 to get the group folder feature
3- how do I set security on user accounts? I choose read only and i am still able to delete, add folders in the user accounts?

Hi @luisb

  1. The “additional features” on the setup screen are just additional apps like Calendar, Contacts, Talk, Mail etc… You can install them at any time from the Nextcloud App Store
  2. Groupfolders is also an app that can be installed from the AppStore and does not require a specific Nextcloud version afaik
  3. You can’t. You only can do that with folders you share with other users and/or with a public link. A user will always be able to create folders and files inside his or her own account.

got it thank you…

I have another question… so i am getting this 504 bad gateway… I rebooted the nextcloud instance in Unraid docker and it fixed it. is this a common issue and is there a fix?

is docker install the best option for the nextcloud server? or should it be installed on a separate pc? just trying to get best performance with little downtime

I’m not particiullary familiar with the Nextcloud Docker Containers and Unraid. It may be better if you open a separate topic for that and possibly also ask in the Unraid forums …

To your second question: I can’t answer that with a clear yes or no. Personally I use Nextcloud in a VM on a Proxmox Server. As far as I know, Unraid also offers the possibility to run VMs. Whether you want to use docker containers or a VM or even run it baremetal on a completly seperate machine, depends mainly on how many resources your Unraid server offers. Docker containers usually are more lightweight than VMs. The advantage of VMs on the other hand is, that everything inside the vm runs completely independend and isolated from the guest os and from other VMs.

Personaly I prefer using VMs on with Proxmox, even if I would use a seperate machine with only one VM for Nextcloud, because you are much more flexible if you want to migrate it to new hardware and instead of traditional system backups, you can simply backup the whole VM on a regular basis.