NCPI install on fresh Debian Buster OS fails

Hi all – got a There are no commands defined in the "config:app" namespace. error when installing NextCloudPi via the curl command on a brand-new VPS, installed with only Debian Buster.

I was logged in as root, via SSH, when I ran the NCP install.

Other symptoms include:

  • Last messages of install are:
    nextcloudpi enabled
    Error: Could not download app calendar
  • Going to my VPS’ IP in-browser gets me a 403 Forbidden error

Ideas? Logs to look for?

I’d try running nc-init via

sudo ncp-config>>CONFIG>>nc-init

also maybe use other ncp tools to add a trusted domain and get certificate.

If need further assist, post output via pastebin or similar of

sudo ncp-report

More @ NCP docs