NCP wifi does not find any network


I have a NCP setup and use Ethernet.
I want to move it to an other place at home where I only have wifi with good and strong connection.

I connected my ncp to a monitor and a keyboard and logged in and enabled wifi but it does not see any network at all. I disconnected the ethernet cable.

How do I setup wifi so I also can use my ethernet if I plug in?


Please post more details. Do you use this configuration? Errors?

Yes. Thats what I do and I follow The instruktion in nc wifi.
Byt It can not find any network at all.
There is 98% strength on my Phone using wifi at The same location and not a hidden net. But secure.
As a kodi box and raspberrian my pi3 find The net.

This is the text I got when running nc-wifi and typing yes.
After this I have a window saying theres no networks. Something RF-kill? What to do?