NCP Update to 24.0.10 or 25.0.4

Hello all,
I just read that there is a critical vulnerability in nextcloud which is fixed in 24.0.10 or 25.0.4.
NCP is still on 24.0.8.
Is there a way schedule, when the update to 24.0.10 is available?
Or how can I manually update my nextcloud installation without breaking NCP?
Thanks in advance!

Edit: I’m using ncp on a raspberry.
I just realized that my ncp didn’t automatically update to 25.0.3 which was available although I was on 1.51.0. But anyway how can I update to 25.0.4?


Dear paeddi,

I think vor every new Nextcloud Version also a new NextcloudPi version is required. Meanwhile I have been able to updated to NCPi Version 1.51.1 and Nextcloud Version
Can you do this also?

If yes, so I think your question is meanwhile “answered”.

Best regards.


Hello superma,

today I had the time to update.
Yes for me this problem is answered.