Ncp-update can't find ./

After restoring a backup the command ncp-update can’t find the file ./ Can I simply paste the file somewhere? If so, where is it supposed to be?

Something is wrong if it can’t find ./ because ncp-updateis literally a script that grabs it from git then runs it from the downloaded directory already. Any errors prior to that?

Yeah I got that in the meantime. I can actually see it getting downloaded into /tmp/ncp-update.$string but it still fails for some reason.

EDIT: I changed the relative path in ncp-update to the actual path in /tmp were the is and now I get the next error that “cp: cannot stat ‘/etc/’: No such file or directory”.

For some reasons my system doesn’t understand relative paths anymore I guess? Because obviously the file in /tmp/ncp-update.$string/etc/ is present.

EDIT #2: I edited the to cd into the /tmp/ncp-update.$string and then the update ran successfully. But using ncp-update again also gives me the same error again.

Glad you made some progress! I discovered something else that might add to what you found:

…lead me to re-looking at these two lines of code:

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Holy smokes, that’s working!

Thanks a lot, that also fixed my certificate issue. I just reran npc-config and issued a certificate and it renewed my existing certificate. Now I get no errors whatsoever.