NCP: Restore Nextcloud backup to different data and database directories

Dear fellow NCP users,

I want to make a considerable change and am weary of one important point:

I am using a Raspberry Pi for my Nextcloud instance with NCP. Recently I have configured a new x86-installation of NCP on Debian. Now I would like to move a full backup (made with NCP) of the Nextcloud instance from the Raspberry Pi to the x86-installation.

On the Raspberry Pi I have changed the locations of the data directory as well as the database directory to a USB drive. On the x86-installations these two locations are still the original ones:

Nextcloud Pi =     /media/usbdata/ncdata     |   /media/usbdata/ncdatabase
x86-installation = /var/www/nextcloud/data   |   /var/lib/mysql

Can I just restore the Nextcloud backup onto the x86-installation? I.e. will the data correctly show up in the (original) data directory, and the database correctly being installed in the (original) database directory on the x86-installation?

Or will it get screwed up? So that I have to move back the data and database locations on the Raspberry Pi so that it matches the locations on the x86-installation?

Any help is very much appreciated.


I was able to nc-restore in this case without any issue. But what I did it’s not the same then what you planned to do.

@LittleAlf It’s over a year now, but would still be interesting to hear if it worked for you?

I must admit, that since it is now quite some time ago, I do not remember my procedure completely. As far as I remember, I changed my procedure for the x86-installation:

  1. Install NCP on a new x86 system
  2. Install a new SSD via USB as the data drive in this system
  3. Move the data and database dir to this data drive via NCP
  4. Now copy back the data via NCP from the backup of the original Raspberry Pi

I hope this helps.

Best regards