NCP on Unraid Networkissue

Hi all,

I use NC for a few years now, just set up a new instance in docker with ncpi on Unraid.
First everything went smooth but since 2 days I am experiencing issues with external drives, namely samba shares.
Those shares are on the same host (Unraid), the host runs on a 192.168.1.x/24 network.
Now the ncp container has a dedicated BR0 network and runs on a different 192.168.1.x/24 address.
I can ping literally the whole network - tried just a handful of addresses, but when I try to ping the Unraid host on which the container runs it times out.

I have a second Unraid server here, so I tested it there as well with the same docker app installed fresh, same behavior, I can ping the first Unraid but not the one where the container runs.

I figured this has to do with Docker configuration on Unraid. For whatever reason, this seems to have changed lately, though I did not perform any upgrades/chages whatsoever, the host access to custom networks on docker settings was disabled. After enabling, everything works fine again.

Nailed it more down: Preserve user defined networks: should be yes