NCP on UnRAID backup best practices?

Hi friends,
After an issue with my unRAID NextCloudPi docker app which caused an unfortunate loss of data, I would like to start “fresh” and setup NCP to backup my data using an automated schedule.
I’m currently running my UnRAID server using a 2x4TB SSD’s cache pool (no array or parity disks).
I also bought a 2TB M.2 SATA SSD and would like to set it up as an extra backup drive, in case something goes wrong with the cache drives (which happened to me and that’s how I lost my data :frowning: ).
What would be a good approach to do this?
Would it be better to keep the 2x4TB SSD’s as a cache pool or will it be better to use 1x4TB SSD as a cache drive and the other 1x4TB SSD as an array disk? Or maybe I should skip the cache drive completely and setup one drive as an array disk and the second as a parity disk?
Would it be better to add the 2TB backup drive as an unassigned device or as an array disk?
Which format type should I use for the 2TB backup drive (xfs, btrfs, exfat…)?
What is the best way to setup the NCP docker app to automatically backup all its data to the 2TB backup drive?
I welcome any tips :pray:

Check out and see how many of your questions are answered.
In terms of Unraid, questions specific for how to setup your disks are all questions for… the Unraid community.

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Thank you :pray:

Sure. NextcloudPi has some nice basic features which vary depending on how you install it. See the docs or browse the ncp-config or :4443 interface to understand it.

You can also use the rsync-auto script to move scheduled backups to an external location. Sounds like you might find a better solution on the Unraid side. Or, see tools like restic and other options for backups discussed on the forum history.

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