Ncp on raspi 3+, can't use external ssd as storage (for atuo upload pics and vids from phones)

I am using the newest ncp and I installed it via stack in portainer on a docker system on my raspi 3+. It works for everything I want it to except one thing. I connected a 1TB SSD to my raspi via usb adapter. I mounted it, I added it to fstab, I changed the rights of the folder I want to use to the user and group of www-data and then I rebooted it. When I want to add this folder in the Nextcloud GUI “External Storage”-App ; i just get a red round sign with an exclamation mark. What can I do to resolve this?
Thanks in advance

please run ncp-report, share via pastebin service or txt file.
What does your fstab line look like?

BTW the latest container is 64bits, not going to work properly on 32bits hardware.

Of course, fstab’s line here:
UUID=f29f17e6-c3c1-d701-509e-17e6c3c1d701 /media/usb1/ ext4 rw,users 0 0
and the ncp-report is here to find:

That’s the reason i used ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-armhf:latest docker container :slight_smile:

fstab looks good but you are on (armv7l) 32bits
I now its a pain in the back, but latest NCP images are 64bits.
NCP doesnt support 32bits rpi’s anymore, they give more trouble then they are worth.

My rpi3B (also armv7l) , used to be my ncp, now runs pivpn very nicely, get some 64bits hardware, is my advice.

I’m using ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-armhf:latest

armhf is 32bit :blush: arm64 is the 64bit version

Raspberry Pi 3 has 32bit arm7 and I am using armhf because of that. I still quite don’t get it. I have the right version of a program for my processor achitecture, haven’t I? This can be seen in the linked ncp-report on pastebin, which is linked in another post, look further up

Yes, you’re right, you do if you’re using a raspberry pi 3, however it isn’t really supported anymore so it isn’t certain all the apps are compatible

Regarding your ncp-report it’s saying your mysql and possibly Apache has crashed and the database is in need of repair

is there a way to repair it without losing everything? Or maybe backing it up before it crashes to eternity?

Possibly, depends on how it broke, I’m also not an expert on it so it’s possible there is a way to repair it that i’m not aware of :slight_smile:

How did you edit your /etc/fstab file? Did you only add something or did you edit or remove something?

After plugging in the external drive and booting with the new /etc/fstab entry did the Nextcloud container installation re-initiate itself, perhaps?

For recovery I’m not too sure with Docker however there should be a way to either retain the docker volume or if you can access the files via root and then move them that way. If you can do that then you can just re-install it without anything, set it up so you know it works, then move the files back in and scan them using the occ scan:files command. I’m not entirely too sure about how that works with Docker

I mentioned that here. I added a line and didn’t delete anything.

I rebooted the RPi after connenction of the drive and posted here afterwards. Shall I reboot again?

The Docker volume stores the entire data structure of the Nextcloud? When I copy that for backup purposes, will I copy the database aswell, since the database of NCP is inside of the Docker volume? And if the db is broken, shouldn’t I want to prevent that?

Alright, just making sure :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah you could try that

I’m sorry but I’m not familiar enough with docker to answer that, you’ll have to wait for someone that can

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Didn’t help :man_shrugging: Let’s wait for the experts lol

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